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Employees Relations & Industry Safety

  • According to the Citizens Budget Commission the average carting driver salary is more than $60,000, with some workers making more than $100,000. This is largely due to the competitive nature of carting. Carting is a highly specialized field. Commercial waste managers offer their employees sufficient wages for the time, energy, and risk inherent to working in the carting industry.
  • Carting in NYC is a highly regulated industry and NYRWM companies have high safety standards interlaced with clear, consistent and constant training sessions for its employees, many on a weekly basis. NYRWM companies have OSHA compliance officer onsite and backup cameras in the truck and on dashboard to protect employees. Many employees know that their “license is their livelihood” and both employee and companies take all precautions in ensuring that everyone takes both their safety and the communities safety is always at the forefront.

Specialty and Adaptability

  • The commercial waste industry is adaptable and conforms to the needs of the customers that we serve throughout New York City. This is especially important in New York City because of its extensive diversity – the various types of businesses are all unique in their needs. Our strength is the ability to conform to these needs. As the commercial waste industry is a very free market with tremendous competition, the customer will ultimately get the best service at the lowest costs
  • The current NYC model of the carting industry is better suited to answer the constantly changing needs of the commercial waste industry market place. As recycling technology improves and City standards change, we take our role seriously to our customers to be efficient and nimble in answering those needs.

Environmental Initiatives

  • NYRWM and all of its members are fully supportive of New York City’s Zero Waste Challenge, the 0X30 initiative, which aims to eliminate all waste from our landfills by the year 2030 and have been recognized by the City as a partner in these efforts.
  • Likewise, initiatives such as Local Law 145 have required trucks to meet specific emission standards by 2020. We are already in the process of reaching these goals and pushing the waste industry towards a greener future, as evidenced by our active participation in NYC’s Zero Waste Challenge.
  • Currently, although the City does not provide infrastructure to recycle organic waste matter, many of our companies have taken steps to install efficient and effective technology, such as thermal conversion technology, which can break down commercial organic waste.





“The job’s great. It’s good. I like it. 23 years – I’ve got to like it! Crown Container’s alright. So far it’s a great place to be. The public should know that it’s not an easy job. It’s very hard job. And it’s a lot of work.”

Roosevelt Pettway

From the Borough of Brooklyn, 23 years in the industry
“I love my work. I’m very proud to work for the company I work for. My boss treats me very well. The guys that I work with are very respectable guys. You know, we’re all here to make a living. We have families to support. And I wouldn’t want to be in any other place.”

Anthony Gibaldi

From the Borough of Brooklyn, 18 years in the industry
“The work is great – It’s exciting. It’s like an exercise. Lifting. Pushing. Pulling. Crown Container’s one of the best companies in the industry. I’ve been here nine years. Great ownership. Great office staff.”

Noel Molina

15 years in the industry
“The job is a great job. That’s why I last so long in it. That’s the only job I’ll be doing. Because it keeps you fit, keeps you in shape. It’s an exercise. Keeps you in shape. It’s a good workout. I work for Crown Container for 11 years. Great company, great ownership.”

Seeram Sankar

From the Borough of Queens, 19 years in the industry