New Yorkers for Responsible Waste Management (NYRWM) is an organization comprised of New York City’s commercial waste haulers, also known as carters. NYFWM represents over a dozen companies, many of them multi-generational and family owned, whose employees live and work in all 5 boroughs.

NYRWM is dedicated to collaborating with New York City government and its agencies, with our large and small business owners and with our local communities to reduce waste, promote safety for all waste management workers and to be a leader in improving our overall impact on the environment. 







NYRWM Voting Members


Avid Waste

Avid Waste Systems, Inc. is a full service solid waste management company providing; collection systems, transportation, waste disposal, and recycling services to Commercial and Industrial customers within the New York City Metropolitan Area. Avid Waste is committed to providing exceptional customer service and satisfaction, innovative solutions for managing waste materials, and promoting unprecedented professionalism within the waste management industry.


Boro-Wide Recycling Corp. is a leading full-service provider of progressive and innovative recycling and waste management services. We assist construction and demolition customers as well as commercial and residential customers in reducing disposal costs, strengthening recycling programs and diverting waste from landfills. To further meet the needs of our customers, we also offer emergency waste pick-up and disposal services.

Crown Container

Since 1986 Jerry and David Antonacci have been building on the business their father Thomas started in 1959, while carrying on the family tradition of courteous, reliable, customer-oriented service. Together, the Antonacci brothers have more than half a century’s worth of experience in the business. It’s their expertise that helps customers define which services they need, when they need it, at the most reasonable rates. Crown container provides prompt, dependable service to more than 5,000 customers-including residences, restaurants, retail stores, offices, factories and warehouses. For the Antonacci brothers, Crown Container is not just about business, it’s also about building relationships with more than 5,000 clients.Crown is so confident of its dependable service that if any customer is subjected to a fine for failing to have trash removed as a result of Crown’s negligence-Crown will pay that fine! Crown Container is big enough to serve yours needs yet small enough to care about delivering quality service.

Liberty Ashes

Liberty Ashes, based in the heart of Jamaica, Queens has served NYC’s commercial and industrial businesses for over 60 years. As a local, family owned and run business, Liberty Ashes prides itself on hiring local employees, on delivering specialized and individualized service to its customers and on its contributions to our communities. Through service we grow.

Filco Carting

Operating for New York City since 1910, Filco Carting Corp. is a pioneer in non-hazardous waste removal and recycling for the Tri-state area. We are committed to providing high quality, cost effective and environmentally responsible waste collection and disposal services. We have a complete inventory of dumpsters, mini-containers, totes, hampers, open-top containers, compactors and balers. Our services are outstanding, while our pricing is amongst the most competitive in the industry.

Metropolitan Paper Recycling, Inc.

Metropolitan is one of the largest privately owned and operated material recovery in the City of New York and one of the largest waste removal companies in the City.  Located in East New York, Brooklyn, MPR operates 3 facilities 24 hours a day, processing over 15,000 tons of recycling material per month six days a week.  We are licensed by the New York City Business Integrity Commission and our facilities are registered with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Industrial Carting

Industrial Carting is a Brooklyn-based company, serving Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. Our truck drivers and helpers are fully trained in professional waste management. Our fleet of late-model trucks with on-board scales ensures dependable service and accurate waste stream measurements.

Five Star Carting, Inc.

Based in East Williamsburg, Five Star is a family owned and run business that has been servicing all five boroughs of New York since (fill in the year). Five Star is a full service company that provides service such as waste collection and recycling to its customers and is dedicated to improving our environment by investing in cutting-edge technologies such as organic food waste removal.

D&D Carting Co. Inc.

Since 1931, D & D Carting has been providing consistent and reliable service to thousands of commercial entities in New York City. Our commitment to managing the waste and recycling needs of various New York businesses (commercial office buildings, hotels, retail stores and restaurants), at a competitive price, has been our hallmark for over 80 years.

Regency Recycling Corp.

Family owned and operated, Regency Recycling carries a full range of equipment to provide a cost efficient solutions from large to small jobs. In addition to proficient means of refuse removal, we also provide a full-service property maintenance program which includes such services as snow removal/plowing, street/yard/parking lot sweeping, paper/document destruction and office cleaning. With access to state of the art recycling facilities and equipment, we are able to provide an environmentally sound alternative for the recycling and re-use of many of the materials found in today’s economic market. Our full service recycling program provides us with the tools required to take steps towards conserving the environment, reducing energy consumption and helping in the fight against global warming.

Century Waste Services, Inc.

Century Waste is a family owned and operated waste management company serving the New York & New Jersey for over 13 years. Since our inception in July of 2002, we have grown to become one of the most progressive carting and recycling companies in the region. Century Waste is operated by a professional management team with a combined 60 years of experience within the waste management industry. We pride ourselves in having staff members always available to assist you. Our owner, management and sales representatives are all accessible via cellphone and email, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – ensuring a constant stream of communication for our customers.

Royal Waste Services, Inc.

Serving New York and the Tri-State area for over 10 years, Royal Waste provides recycling and 100% waste diversion programs, affordable roll-off container service, and comprehensive waste removal to businesses and residential homeowners. Whether you’re looking for a curbside pick-up, roll-off container, or document shredding program our recycling experts deliver outstanding service and reliability.

Tully Environmental, Inc.

Tully Environmental, Inc. engages in the recycling of solid waste and construction materials. The company primarily focuses on four main fields: Solid Waste, Aggregate Recycling, Residual Management, and Remediation. Tully Environmental, Inc. was founded in 1992 and is based in Flushing, New York.

Crown Waste Corp.

Crown Waste Corp. is your local commercial waste hauler serving Queens and Manhattan NY. Our commercial waste removal in Manhattan NY and Queens offers the most affordable rates in NYC. We’re the area’s premier provider of garbage services dating back to 1958 and still going strong today. Our success and longevity as a company is directly attributable to our ongoing focus and dedication toward achieving 100% customer satisfaction.

Viking Sanitation

Viking Sanitation serves the Brooklyn Area of New York City for Garbage Removal and Recyling Services.  We have been in the trash removal business for over 15 years and collectively our staff has over 40 years of experience. Whether you have a mom and pop business or are a major fortune 500 company we can service all of your waste removal needs.

Sustaining/Supporting Members

“The job’s great. It’s good. I like it. 23 years – I’ve got to like it! Crown Container’s alright. So far it’s a great place to be. The public should know that it’s not an easy job. It’s very hard job. And it’s a lot of work.”

Roosevelt Pettway

From the Borough of Brooklyn, 23 years in the industry
“I love my work. I’m very proud to work for the company I work for. My boss treats me very well. The guys that I work with are very respectable guys. You know, we’re all here to make a living. We have families to support. And I wouldn’t want to be in any other place.”

Anthony Gibaldi

From the Borough of Brooklyn, 18 years in the industry
“The work is great – It’s exciting. It’s like an exercise. Lifting. Pushing. Pulling. Crown Container’s one of the best companies in the industry. I’ve been here nine years. Great ownership. Great office staff.”

Noel Molina

15 years in the industry
“The job is a great job. That’s why I last so long in it. That’s the only job I’ll be doing. Because it keeps you fit, keeps you in shape. It’s an exercise. Keeps you in shape. It’s a good workout. I work for Crown Container for 11 years. Great company, great ownership.”

Seeram Sankar

From the Borough of Queens, 19 years in the industry